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Visual Hypnosis Downoads - Just for Fun...

Here are just a few 'hypnotic' downloads, just for entertainment. These are NOT hypnosis recordings. One word of caution - if you suffer from seizures (especially photo-induced), it might be best not to look at these. Better check with your physician first.

To download, click on the spinning icon next to the text. Use the 'save' option. (Alternatively,
if you are using Internet Explorer, just 'right-click' on the spinning icon next to the text, hit
'save target as' and choose the location where you want it to be saved. I don't know how it
works with other browsers - sorry.)

I hope to add to these as time passes. If you know of any other good things I can add, please let me know.

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved, Andrew McCole and LoneStar Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Downloads
This is a version of the classic hypno-disk (like the icon to the left), made famous in the old movies. After downloading, double-click on the file icon and just stare at it for a little while. Then look at other objects and see what happens. Hit escape to stop it. This can definitely focus the mind for hypnosis.
** This won't work with 64-bit computers. You can see another hypnodisc at the end of the Hypnosis Quiz.

A more elaborate screensaver version of the above. You'll need WINZIP or similar to unzip the folder. You can download it at
www.winzip.com. All the instructions are in one of the zipped files.

This interesting program is called 'Relax'. Some people do find the visual effects relaxing, others find it aggravating. There's only one way to find out. It's fun - give it a try!

The Color Test. Find out more about your personality with this interesting program. You can decide if it is accurate, or not!

Are you interested in using hypnosis to boost your IQ, or memory? Well, here's a place to start - find out your IQ with this interactive test. However, don't expect a perfect score. I don't think the writers realize that one of their answers is actually wrong! Can you find which one?

If you would like more facts about studies on hypnosis, you'll love this program. I must compliment the author, Alberto Torelli, for putting this together in a great little program, with hundreds of studies listed.
Another WINZIP file. It is not completely up to date, but still very valid.

A more updated version of the above. In PDF form, instead of a program.
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