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There is no need to suffer withdrawal. Not according to our clients:

"I never got any withdrawal. Even when others smoke it is no big deal."
Mary Walker.

Debra Christofferson says: "I was able to finally quit without any jitters,
irritability or desire to lapse into old habits!! I feel totally empowered
& in control."

Lisa Huerta states: "After hypnosis I was confident & did not feel
nervous or go through withdrawal symptoms. It was so much easier
than I thought. I was very calm. I feel in control now. It feels

Belinda Koski agrees: "There were no painful withdrawal symptoms.
I've remained calm and have had no cravings at all!"

Although nicotine is addictive, it really seems that withdrawal symptoms
are in direct proportion to a person's state of mind, and stress level. The fact
that people taking nicotine in alternative ways still get cravings and withdrawal prove that it is
not just chemical.

Many clients get no withdrawal at all. It is like they never smoked. Others get occasional small cravings but have the tools to quickly remove them. Everyone will get reminded of smoking now and then, and have to exercise their new powers of control. If you use the tools you are given it should not be a big deal at all. It is up to you to use the abilities you gain through the hypnosis. There is really no need to suffer.


Yes, potentially it can. That is why we teach proven effective methods to control it and bypass the ‘need’ to smoke. We don't want people being tricked by their subconscious to smoking again. We also don't want people turning to food as a solution to stress when they quit smoking. Our advanced techniques are designed to prevent this.

Turning negative stress into positive power is an integral part of this advanced program. Carrie Peters reports: "Your hypnosis makes it seem effortless. Really! I am more relaxed. I breathe easier. I sleep better. I am getting fitter."

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                                      So What's Next?

           It's simple. If you are serious about losing weight and want to end the failure cycle, then
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           of relief and prepare for success!

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What About Withdrawal and Stress?

Quit Smoking Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

It does feel good to be free.
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