• Ever Wonder If You Can Be Hypnotized?

    Although most people think they cannot be hypnotized, they couldn't be more wrong.

    Almost everyone can be hypnotized. However, some take to it quicker and easier than others. How do you think you measure up?

    Our analysis of the following questions will give you a good idea of how hypnotizable you are. It will only take a few short minutes, and is suprisingly accurate.

    Let us know your name and we’ll begin (just a last name initial is fine).

  • OK, here’s the last question!

    Click the spiral icon below to open a spinning hypnodisc in a new window or tab. Look at the center of the spinning hypnodisc for about 20 to 30 seconds (sit down because it can be a little disorienting to some). Then come back to this page.

  • You’re done! When you click the ‘Submit’ button, we will calculate just how hypnotizable you are. The Results page should open up. Feel free to screenshot them.

    Enter your email address below if you want us to contact you regarding your results, and how they apply to actual hypnosis.

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    Alternatively, feel free to email us at info@lonestarhypnosis.com or call 512-988-1066

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