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Itís looking good. You scored much higher than average in our hypnosis quiz. This means that hypnosis will come quite naturally for you, either right away or with just a little practice.


That good hypnosis aptitude of yours, combined with your positive attitude, can take you far in any of our programs. All it takes is cooperation, a definite goal, and a little time. You have the ingredients for success within you. You are probably aware of your natural potential for change, yet are also aware that you have not fully tapped into it. That makes you an ideal candidate for hypnosis.


You are smart and also imaginative, and when these abilities are harnessed and focused during hypnosis you can tap into the full potential you have been unable to reach alone. Then success with your goals will be within easy reach for you.


The next step for you is to contact me for a FREE hypnosis phone screening. We can assess your needs and goals, answer your questions, and determine a path to help you succeed. Then you decide whether or not to take that path. No pressure. No obligation.


It doesn't cost a penny to find out how and what hypnosis can do for you. Please email, text or call me. I'll be glad to help.


Best wishes,


Andrew McCole C.H.

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"Good News! You Are a Great Hypnosis Subject!"