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You are made to be hypnotized! We hypnotists love working with people like you.


Many people think you must be gullible to be a good hypnosis subject. In fact, the opposite is true. More intelligent people make better subjects. Especially those who also have a good imagination and a positive attitude.


It seems that you have a perfect combination of intelligence, creativity, imagination and will to make an excellent hypnosis subject. You are truly a natural and should be able to achieve tremendous benefits from hypnosis.


You already know you have a great ability to set and achieve goals. However, you also know that there have been some blocks and obstacles you have been unable to conquer. Success with certain goals seems just out of reach. I think you’ll find that the power to take you all the way to success is hypnosis.


I urge you to take advantage of your natural and advanced hypnotizability. I invite you to contact me for a FREE hypnosis phone screening and learn how great hypnosis can be for you.


It doesn't cost a penny to find out how and what hypnosis can do for you. We’ll assess your situation with no obligation at all. I'll be glad to help. Please email, text or call me.


Best wishes,


Andrew McCole C.H.

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"An Excellent Hypnosis Subject Indeed!"