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Thank you for taking the time to do our hypnosis quiz.


It doesn’t get much better than this. You aced the quiz. What does this mean? It means you are one of the few who belong to the elite group of the most hypnotizable people in the world.


This is an incredible thing. It shows that you are very smart, creative and positive. With the right hypnosis techniques you can easily and naturally tap into the vast potential of your subconscious mind. This will obviously help you quickly achieve your goals.


You have doubtless experienced an ability to make things happen in your life. However, I can almost bet that there are some goals that have eluded you. Some weaknesses and habits still get the better of you. The tool that can give you the extra power needed to be totally successful is hypnosis. I suspect you already know this.


With your mind, you know you have the potential to achieve anything, so what are you waiting for? Let hypnosis unlock the door to success and fulfillment. Please contact me for a FREE hypnosis phone screening and learn how to use hypnosis to really reach your true potential. Then unleash yourself on the world!


It doesn't cost a penny to find out how and what hypnosis can do for you. Please email, text or call me. We’ll assess your situation with no obligation at all. I'll be glad to help.


Best wishes,


Andrew McCole C.H.

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