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Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Hypnotist, Andrew McCole...

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"Hi! Pleased to meet you. I am Andrew McCole, your
hypnotist. This is for those of you who would like to
know your hypnotist a little more personally.

If you only want to learn about all my professional
qualifications and history etcetera, then please look
under our frequently asked questions.

I was born in London, England, in the last century, as
the little brother to my only sibling, Mark.

My father worked for the British diplomatic service, so I had the fortune to live in various different countries as I grew up. I lived in Czechoslovakia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and New York, in addition to England. There is always a lot to be learned from experiencing different cultures and seeing the different ways and techniques people use to cope in their lives.

                                              As you can see, I was interested in hypnosis at quite an early
                                              age. Please don't laugh, but my first indoctrination into hypnosis
                                              was the result of a $1 ad in a comic book I used to read.
                                              Naturally, I quickly discovered that it was not quite the miraculous 
                                              power the ad had led me to believe, but I still benefited from the
                                              instruction in self-hypnosis.
                                              I was easily able to improve my concentration and memory, which
                                              was a great help with school. I also improved my confidence and
                                              athletic ability, and excelled in several sports - rugby, hockey,
                                              cricket, water polo and swimming. I fully credit self-hypnosis for
                                              being able to be in 'the zone' whenever I competed.

                                              I also used it to accelerate my training in the martial arts, with
                                              incredible results. Unfortunately, at my first black belt grading, I sustained a bad knee injury, that left me hospitalized for a week. It was a few days after the surgery before I could even walk. At the time it never occurred to me that I could have used hypnosis to accelerate the healing.

However, I had to have the surgery repeated at a later date, and this time I fully immersed myself in self-hypnosis. To my surgeon's amazement, I was able to walk a little just one hour after awakening from the anesthetic! This deeper discovery of the mind-body connection demanded further research.

I went to school to study psychology with a particular interest in hypnosis. Much to my dismay, hypnosis was not taught in the curriculum in any school or university, other than a brief mention. So I made a major decision, and left the school in order to study with a private vocational school - the Institute of Hypnosis. This was a three-year program centered around hands on experience. I excelled in the program, and before long was teaching with the school.

I set up my first private practice in London, in 1985. Among many great experiences, I was fortunate enough to do work with a doctor in the dermatology department at the local hospital after having great success in helping several of his patients with psoriasis and other skin disorders. I trained several doctors and assistants in the use of hypnotic visualization to complement the medical treatment of many patients. The results are anecdotal, but were very promising. Sadly, due to cut backs in the National Health Service, the department was relocated. Still, the flame had been lit, and I specialized in medical hypnosis from that moment onwards, which is very well received in Europe. I also took a great interest in nutrition and weight loss.

I moved to America in 1991, and settled in Scottsdale, Arizona. I ran a successful practice there, and was elected the President of the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis for two years. However, the dry desert was too unpleasant for me, so I relocated to Portland, Oregon, several years later. I believe my practice, Northwest Hypnosis, was the most successful in Oregon. Yet the Oregon rain was a little too much to handle, so I moved to Orange County, California, in 2003. I finally found the perfect climate, but unfortunately the State had major financial problems. By 2010 the office building I leased in went bankrupt, so everyone there had to find a new office, including me. Because of the recession, horrendous unemployment, new extra taxes and a bleak outlook for the State, running a small business was becoming impractical.

That is when I decided to follow several friends who
had relocated to Texas. After moving here, the first
thing I noticed was that it is a MUCH friendlier place!
It is also a much better place to run a business.

I live in Round Rock with my two bearded
collies, Angus and Hamish. Many
people tell me that soon I will start saying "y'all", but
it just doesn't sound right with an English accent. I
don't think that even hypnosis can solve that one!

I am a certified Yoga instructor, and practice daily.
I hope to teach here in the future. It
is a perfect compliment to hypnosis. It is wonderful
that so many people are really improving the quality
of their lives in these ways.

I know there are countless Texans who could
benefit from my services, and expect to have my
most successful practice to date. I think that
Lone Star Hypnosis will be a household name
before long, and that my clients will feel proud that they belong to an elite club of smart,
resourceful individuals who are happy to stand up and announce that they took control of their lives.

Hypnosis is no longer considered a dark, mysterious practice. I want people to feel overjoyed that they have used my services to tap into their full potential, and enthusiastically spread the word.

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