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Lone Star Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Photo
LoneStar Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Photo

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

                     "At our hypnosis center, we believe we offer
              the best service available, at the lowest possible cost,
                   with the least amount of hassle ... Here's why ..."


All in all, our clients tell us that our fees are a fraction of what they have
paid elsewhere. Owing to the high volume of referrals from satisfied clients,
we have been able to keep our fees very affordable. Where necessary, we
also have payment plans that will meet most everyone's needs. There are


With many of our programs, we offer to stand behind you with our written
guarantee. After completing the guaranteed program, if you ever go back to
unwanted behavior, our services are available to you at no extra charge,
anywhere from one year to life! Full details are at our office. Some restrictions
may apply.

                                  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

You can try our services RISK FREE! In our deluxe programs, if you fail to obtain hypnosis at your first session, let us know before you leave and we will refund 100% of your money on the spot. It's as simple as that.

                                 SAFE, PROVEN & 'FAD' FREE

Our breakthrough, scientifically proven techniques are unique, based on European techniques that are little known in this country. They are natural & safe. In fact this is probably the safest method available! And you'll be glad to hear there are NO fads,NO gimmicks, NO games and NO harmful drugs.

                                   FREE HYPNOSIS SCREENING

We invite you to visit our office. Our Free Hypnosis Screening is fun and informative. We will give you an honest in-depth explanation of hypnosis and evaluate your situation. If we do not feel our advanced methods will benefit you, we will tell you so. Come see our testimonial books and videos. You see, we don't want you to take our word as proof of our success. See what other people just like you have to say.

                                             ASK OUR CLIENTS

     The best way to find out how good or successful a hypnosis center is, is to ask for PROOF.
        Many centers make amazing claims. However, when asked to prove it they cannot. They
          make excuses and cover-ups or try to confuse you with 'professional jargon'.

             No matter how good a center claims to be, the only evidence that is worth anything is
              that which comes from the mouths of their clients. We invite you to visit our office.
              Come see our testimonial books and videos. The success stories are real. We hear
               them every day. So, you see, I'm not just asking you to take my word for it. Come
               see for yourself.

                               QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE

              For your safety it is essential that your hypnotist be properly qualified. Unfortunately,
              most states (including Texas) do not require or provide licensing for hypnotists. So
              anyone can call themselves a hypnotist.

               Despite professional appearances, many hypnotists have become certified after just
                a few hours training, often without any competency testing. Also be aware that very
                few psychologists and other mental health professionals are trained, certified or
                experienced in hypnosis.

The standards and acceptance of hypnosis in Europe are much higher than in America. Being able to draw from training in both England and the USA has given Andrew McCole a distinct advantage in the field of hypnosis.

We have been in full time practice since 1985. All Hypnotists here have advanced training and are required to prove themselves to be of the highest standard during an internship at the center. Annual continuing education is required.

Andrew McCole received his initial certification in hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis and Medical Hypnosis in England with the Institute of Hypnosis as part of a three year, full time program. This program also included completion of 200 cases to the institutes high standards. He has more than 20 times the training of the average hypnotist in this country. All his credentials can be verified. He was the elected President of the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis, whose aim was to ensure quality training and high ethical standards in the field. Mr. McCole has also been Certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the American Board of Medical Hypnotherapy and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

                       RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS

We keep in touch with many of our clients for up to a year after they
complete their program so we can obtain a pretty accurate long term
result. Our success rate for satisfied clients, for most issues, is in the
region of 85%, based on our in-office follow-up. I challenge you to find
anywhere that can beat that. Some others do claim a high success
rate, but ask them how they come up with that figure. Some assume
that if they don't hear back from a client it must have worked.
Ridiculous! The opposite is more likely the case. Surprisingly few
hypnotists keep long term result statistics. Be sure to ask for proof.


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Our Area of Service:

Lone Star Hypnosis serves central Texas, including the communities of Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Hutto, Taylor, Jollyville, Brushy Creek, Cedar Park, Leander, Windemere, Wells Branch and all surrounding areas in Williamson and Travis counties.
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