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Weight Loss
The Ultimate Weight Loss System

Some of what you get with our weight loss hypnosis programs.

Why This Works
Why our programs work so well where others fail.

Our results are proven.

Value Comparison
Why our weight loss programs are such good value.

See what people just like you have to say.

Weight Loss Scams
Old and new scams in the weight loss industry. Some funny ads too!

Quit Smoking
The Ultimate Smoke Free System.

Withdrawal and Stress
Eliminating withdrawal, cravings and stress problems for quit smoking clients.

Weight Gain
Eliminating the weight gain problem after quitting smoking.

Why This Works
Why our programs work so well where others fail.

After Quitting
What to expect when you quit.

The incredible value and savings with our quit smoking programs.

See what people just like you have to say.

Medical Hypnosis
How hypnosis can help with many medical issues.

Medical Hypnosis History
The long history of Medical Hypnosis.

How to reduce and manage stress.

Improve Memory
Using hypnosis to boos brain power - increasing concentration, memory and even speed reading.

Raise Confidence
Increase self-esteem, remove shyness and feel better about yourself.

Improve Business
Enhance work performance, confidence and sales.

Sports Hypnosis
The trick of so many professional athletes. Improve focus, confidence, power, reflexes and be in ďThe ZoneĒ at will.

Learn how to hypnotize yourself instantly, anytime, anywhere.

Give your children the winning edge they need with school, sports, confidence and conquering any negative habits.

Hypnosis Questions and Answers
The truth about hypnosis. Debunking the myths.

Why We Are the Best
What makes us a cut above the rest.

Meet Your Hypnotist
Learn all about your Hypnotist.

Legal Disclosures required by California State.

Warnings and Scams
How to avoid being conned or misled.

See what people just like you have to say about us.

More Proof
More of what our clients have to say about our hypnosis.

Even More Proof
Still more genuine testimonials.

More Testimonials
More samples from our many testimonials.

Even More Testimonials
And there are even more!

Free Hypnosis Screening
Be sure that hypnosis can work for you.

Double Guarantee
Details of our exclusive double guarantee.

Information about our fee structure and prices.

Valuable discounts for our services.

As Seen on TV
The Dateline Weight Loss Challenge

Can You Be Hypnotized?
Take our hypnosis quiz and find out instantly.

Fun Downloads
A few hypnotic distractions for your entertainment.

Contact Us and Map
Print directions to us from your location.

Canít Get to Us?
How we can help even if you canít get to our office.

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