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Turn Negative Stress into Positive Power!

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Lone Star Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Relaxation Photo
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved, Andrew McCole and LoneStar Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Relaxation and Stress Management
Who else wants increased health, vigor, vitality, strength,
patience, concentration
and control? And as a side benefit
a stronger immune system. And also a clear mind. How about
having your body and mind are free to work together more

Seriously, what's the down side? Nothing at all. You would
be able to do more work or play, in less time, and without
getting tired!  And to have all this all you have to do is the
one thing in life that involves no effort at all: Relax.

Ah, but it is easier said than done! Still, no matter how well
you think you cope with life, your quality of life will improve
with relaxation. And we are here to help you do that.

What exactly is stress? It is a natural reaction that helps
us to adapt to various situations in life. This reaction can
be either positive or negative. Positive, or motivational,
stress is under our control and helps us succeed in life.
But if not controlled then it starts to control us, against our will. This is negative stress, and is the root of countless problems in body and mind.

With the fast and pressured pace of society today it is hardly surprising that stress problems have reached epidemic proportions. Business and personal lives suffer. People neglect their families and responsibilities. Say goodbye to quality life.

We all have a system to help us cope with stress - the 'fight or flight' mechanism. This causes a release of adrenaline and other hormones that help us either combat the stress or run away from it. But this system was not designed to cope with the constant onslaught of non-threatening, imaginary, and emotional stresses placed upon it. The system becomes over used and over sensitive, and less effective when we really need to use it.

                                       WHY RELAX?

The effects of even mild stresses accumulate and it becomes harder for our systems to balance themselves again. This results in stress headaches, insomnia, indigestion, fatigue and a whole host of other unpleasant symptoms and illnesses. One of the first signs of stress is a weakened immune system. High blood pressure and heart problems are nearly always associated with stress. In fact, most of today's health problems are aggravated or caused by stress related. We can employ ingenious methods to suppress our stress, but the suppressed stress builds up and often erupts, with terrible results.

                                  Americans spend billions of dollars each year on various pills and
                                  potions to help them cope better. And then there's alcohol. But these
                                  'easy' methods can destroy us! And they don't seem to be working
                                  overall - the stress problem is getting worse. What we need is a NEW,
                                  BETTER solution. Interestingly, most of us have never been taught how
                                  to relax. That's why we teach people how every day.

                                  EVERYONE CAN RELAX
! It is simply a natural process that needs to be
                                  re-learned. But repeated stress behavior creates a powerful
                                  SUBCONSCIOUS habit. The subconscious is ultimately in charge. It
                                  holds these negative stress patterns and no matter how bad they are it
                                  believes they are necessary. It may seem crazy but the subconscious
                                  is simply doing what you have taught it to do. The subconscious does
                                  not reason or think logically at all.

You now realize that the ingredients of the problem exist in the subconscious mind. So, obviously the solution lies in dealing with the subconscious. Makes sense, right?

This involves far more than a 'pep-talk', or simple affirmations. Fighting a subconscious problem in the conscious mind is often a waste of time. It is clear that the subconscious must be dealt with. It needs re-educating. The subconscious is in charge of your behavior, so if you use a method that doesn't deal with it you could be setting yourself up for another failure.

The safest, fastest and surest (and in my opinion - the ONLY) way to change the subconscious conditioning is with the aid of hypnosis. Hypnosis gives us access to the subconscious in a controlled, relaxed environment.

Relaxation is NOT lethargy or being a 'couch-potato'. It means opening the door to being your best. We all have tremendous mental and physical potential. We all have gifts and talents that are often hidden within us. Get rid of the negative stress and there is so much more energy to tap into this potential. Like Kate Clark, who says: "I feel great about the work we've done. Literally a life changing experience".

We usually also teach self-hypnosis in these situations. This can give you an extra boost in any situation, and keep you in the performance 'zone'.

Imagine being calm and relaxed all of the time - naturally. Imagine always being happy, positive and full of energy. Why imagine? Everyone can easily be hypnotized, and with our unique, safe approach anyone can easily relax.

Like Peter Grant: "You have helped me to relax and reduce my blood pressure. My blood pressure is back to normal - 135 over 80 without any medication for three weeks. My mind is clear, my concentration is improved, I am in control and have an inner calmness and relaxation. If there are any stresses I now know how to deal with them. Everyone else can get stressed out but not me any more. I am taking lots of breaks at work and I have no trouble closing the door and relaxing when I feel I need to. The hypnosis tapes helped a great deal and also help me sleep better at night."  We hear these reports all the time.

So give us a call and we'll schedule you a 40 minute, FREE Hypnotic Screening that will be the start of a whole new life for you. I will show you simple and effective ways to relax and stay in control, including specialized breathing and mind control techniques. Both yourself and others will notice a positive change and calmness within you. Turn stress into power! You deserve this,  so don't procrastinate - call us today.
LoneStar Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Relaxation Photo

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