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After I Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

What can you expect? Well, in a nutshell - you will reverse the effects
of smoking. When you understand exactly what you are reversing
you will never doubt your smart decision to quit.

There are over 3000 deadly poisons a cigarette. And over 43
carcinogens have been found. Can you believe it!! These include
arsenic, cyanide, formaldehyde, phenol and carbon monoxide. If
you smoke 20 a day up to 15% of your bloodstream may be filled
with carbon monoxide! Nicotine itself is deadly poisonous. Just a
tiny drop will kill a man.

It has also been discovered that the radioactivity from lead and
polonium in cigarettes is equivalent to 200 chest x-rays a year for a
20 a day smoker!

When you inhale cigarette smoke between 70 - 90% of the harmful
toxins remain in your body. Also, 20 cigarettes a day puts a quart of
sticky, brown tar into your lungs each year. Can you imagine that?

In short, it is estimated that each cigarette you smoke takes 8 minutes
off your life span. So if you smoke 20 a day that's more than a month lost
every year. And don't forget that the remaining years are likely to have their quality reduced drastically. And you'll also look older - smoking ages the skin.

Well, this is all over after you quit. You are on a journey to a healthier, longer, more quality life.
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Everyone Prefers a Non-Smoker!
                              The Good News

You can naturally expect better health, easier breathing, a stronger immune system and peace of mind when you quit smoking.

         After just 8 hours your blood oxygen and carbon monoxide levels normalize.
         All the nicotine will leave your system within three days.
         Your smell and taste starts to improve.
         After two or three weeks your body readjusts bio-chemically back to normal.
         Your lung function increases by as much as 30%.
         Your risk of lung and other cancers reduces after about a year, and steadily decreases
         to those of a non-smoker.
         Even if you have existing heart disease, the death rate is halved when you quit smoking.
         Ulcers heal faster and there is less chance of a recurrence.

When you quit smoking your body will naturally eliminate all the tobacco poisons. Smoking damages the tiny hairs that help to clean particles of foreign matter from the lungs. So when 
                  you quit smoking your lungs have the opportunity to cleanse. Breathing is easier
                  and so is exercise.

                   You are likely to think of smoking now and then for a while. You may see or
                  smell others smoking. You may feel you should be doing something at the times
   you used to smoke. This is all perfectly normal. Follow the hypnosis suggestions from the
    sessions and thoughts of smoking will quickly pass by. This validates your new sense of
     control and self-respect. You'll wonder what the big deal was.

    This is a time to start a new life. Do the things you always wanted to but have avoided until now. Start or restart a hobby. Your mind needs new, positive things to focus on. Enjoy your new life!

                              More good news!

Quitting smoking is a wonderful investment. Obviously! The return on your investment is usually between 200 to 400% in the first year alone. And this is just from the money saved by not smoking. If you smoke a pack a day, you will also add about a month of quality, healthier life to your life-span each year! Not a bad deal! Think about it - IT'S BETTER THAN FREE! I don't know where else you can get a return like that! If you do - let me in on it!

                              So What's Next?

It's simple. If you are serious about quitting, and want to end the failure cycle, then call us for a FREE, no obligation, no pressure, Hypnosis Screening. Then breathe a sigh of relief and prepare for success!

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