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First of all, when I talk about value, I'm not only talking about
money, but also common sense. After all, if you pay a cheaper
rate for something that doesn't work, it is hardly good value.
And since almost everyone using popular 'household-name'
methods for weight loss usually end up with more weight than
they started off with, most of the bargains out there are totally

Even though some methods achieve rapid weight loss to start with,
they tend to trigger the body's natural 'anti-fat-loss' defenses. The
body uses it's survival instincts to lower energy output and increase
energy stores in the form of fat.

What infuriates me is that there are countless diet centers, clinics
and fad merchants out there who know this but still peddle programs that directly create this problem. Then you are held accountable for your failure and have to keep going back! Could this be deliberate? In my opinion it is. I believe that they exploit desperate people so that they can make more money.

Yes, it's true. Nearly all diet centers depend on repeat business. You may have had success with a center and then got a mail solicitation from them several months later inviting you to try their new special offer. They knew you would put the weight back on. This is unethical and monstrous, but what really shocks me is that people keep on going back to programs they have proven don't work! Even though only about 5% of people keep the weight off more than two years. And only 3% for five years. That means a 97% failure rate!

Countless billions of dollars flushed down the toilet for decades have proven one truth: DIETS DON'T WORK.

In my opinion you should also be very wary of some of the surgical 'solutions' available. For example, many people incorrectly think that liposuction might solve their weight problem. No! No! No! If a doctor tells you otherwise, report them.

                                The Cost of Weight Loss

With other programs, our in-office surveys show that our average weight loss client has spent about $1500 in the last year on weight loss, and also more than the cost of our programs in excess eating out and snacks. One of the most popular diet centers in the US hints on their TV commercials that it costs just a few dollars to lose weight with them. But in
                                                reality it costs about $2000 to lose just 20 pounds! This is
                                                 outrageous - especially with a long-term success rate of 5%
                                                  or less!

                                                  Anyway, our weight loss programs cost a fraction of most
                                                  diet centers. Our programs are customized to the individual,
                                                  so it is hard to say exactly what it will cost each person
                                                  without meeting them. But if you average out the total cost of our weight loss programs for most people, it works out to about $30 a week during their weight loss. Almost everyone finds the program pays for itself before they are finished, just by changing a few eating habits. So for most people it is better than free!

With my methods there are no expensive 'special' foods to buy. NO fads, NO gimmicks, NO games, NO harmful drugs. And once it is done - that's it! Unlike most diet centers, we do NOT rely on repeat business. In fact, we are so confident of our success that we offer a guarantee of FREE support if needed after the program. We even offer a LIFETIME SERVICE GUARANTEE. Get the full details at our office.
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Add up the real costs
Our Area of Service:

Lone Star Hypnosis serves central Texas, including the communities of Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Hutto, Taylor, Jollyville, Brushy Creek, Cedar Park, Leander, Windemere, Wells Branch and all surrounding areas in Williamson and Travis counties.

Weight Loss Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Weighing the Value
                      Use the calculator to add up the TOTAL cost of
                      everything you have spent trying to lose weight, and
                      by gaining weight, over the last year. Include extra
                      clothes, health club memberships, special foods,
                      medications, pills or vitamins, and also the cost of
                      any additional snacks, meals and drinks you bought
                      that you really didn't need. Be totally honest here.

                Also, if it is possible, add in the emotional cost of negative
             emotions, embarrassment, sadness, disappointment, wasted
         time, discomfort, social avoidance, low self-esteem and hiding.
      Then come and decide for yourself if we offer the best value anywhere.

                                So What's Next?

It's simple. If you are serious about losing weight and want to end the failure cycle, then
call us for a FREE, no obligation, no pressure, Hypnosis Screening. Then breathe a sigh
of relief and prepare for success!

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            Hurry to take advantage of our savings offers while they last!
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