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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for
Children of All Ages: Hypno-Kidz

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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Children
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for School
It's a tough world, and getting tougher. We all know the education system is being severely hit  with budget cuts. Children of all ages are the unfortunate victims. And it is not just their education that is suffering. More than ever before their self-esteem, ability to handle stress and cope with future life is of paramount importance. And although society does next to nothing to address these vital issues, you can. It's as simple as letting your
children benefit from a customized Hypno-Kidz program.

Hypno-Kidz are:

                                 ·   Smarter
                                 ·   Better at Studying and Tests
                                 ·   More Focused
                                 ·   Better at Sports
                                 ·   More Disciplined
                                 ·   More Confident
                                 ·   More Creative
                                 ·   More Relaxed
                                 ·   More Motivated
                                 ·   Happier
And they also do their chores better (don't tell then I said that!)

Every child has a vast untapped potential stored in their subconscious
mind. Schools do more to suppress this potential than to nurture it.
Children unfortunately get their subconscious minds programmed with
blocks, limitations, insecurities and bad habits.

Times are changing. For your children to succeed in life you have to give them the winning edge they'll need. No one else will. But how do you give them this edge?

The answer is to program their subconscious for success. The safest, fastest and surest (and in my opinion - the ONLY) way to do this is with the aid of hypnosis. With hypnosis, it is easy to have the subconscious working for your children. This increases their potential on so many levels - at school, with sports and activities and also socially.

Why make life hard for your children? Children of all ages make excellent hypnosis subjects. They also enjoy it. That is why we developed our Hypno-Kidz programs.

Your children can learn speed reading, and enhance their memory and recall dramatically. You can read more about this by clicking here.

Athletic children can use hypnosis to be in the ‘zone of success’. Almost all professional athletes use these techniques. The results are better focus, faster reflexes, more stamina, more confidence, control of pressure, and more enjoyment of the activity. You can read more about Sports Hypnosis by clicking here.

The programs can also include self-hypnosis instruction. This can give your children the boost they need, and keep them in the performance ‘zone’ in any situation or activity. They can even learn the advanced technique of 'eyes open' hypnosis and study or take a class while in a hypnotic state. It doesn't get any better than that!

Imagine your children being focused whenever they need to be, and having a wonderful memory and recall, being able to read and study much faster. Imagine them being more organized and efficient, and also being confident using their new abilities anytime. Why imagine? This is what the Hypno-Kidz programs are designed to give them.

                   If any of this sounds good, give me a call. Give your kids the chance they
                   desperately need and deserve.

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