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Learn Instant Self Hypnosis

If I offered you a product that enabled you to take control of your life,
make more money, have peace of mind, contentment, willpower,
increased energy and potential, as well as better health and a stronger
immune system you would agree that it would be priceless. Right?
Well, the good news is that you already have this product! It is your
subconscious mind and power. But it didn't come with a set of

Studies have concluded that our conscious power and intelligence
count for less than 10% of our mental potential. Imagine what you
could do with the other 90%! Why imagine? You are literally surging
with this power from the subconscious!

Once you have learned how to harness your subconscious power the
sky is the limit. All the happy and successful people in life are so
because they are using their latent subconscious abilities. So can you. You owe it to yourself. The easiest way to accomplish this is with the aid of hypnosis. Hypnosis is the surest, fastest and most powerful method for personal change available. Self hypnosis gives you full access to your inner, hidden potential and enables you to exploit it easily and naturally. Who in their right mind wouldn't want this? You do, right?

                             Be EXACTLY who you want to be NOW!

Self hypnosis can be used for most of the things that a trained hypnotist can help with. Self hypnosis can be used to improve your performance and abilities in just about anything, physically and mentally. It is great for changing unwanted behavior, habits and attitudes from the root. It is also a wonderful tool for healing. It is perfect for self discovery.

Self hypnosis also provides a necessary antidote to all the negative messages that we have subconsciously picked up and stored from the world around us. These effect us much more than we realize. The subconscious is ultimately in charge of our behavior - so you had better learn to control it!

The potential of hypnosis is limited only by your imagination. The sky is the limit! Sounds good, doesn't it? It is! The secret of success in ANYTHING is having control of your subconscious mind. This can give you an extra boost in any situation, and keep you in the performance 'zone'.

                                   HOW TO HYPNOTIZE YOURSELF

The easiest and fastest way to learn self hypnosis is to have a good hypnotist implant the hypnotic suggestion that you can automatically enter a state of hypnosis at a given signal. You can easily learn how to hypnotize yourself in an instant. It is truly amazing!

What makes our unique technique so special is that you can learn put yourself into hypnosis in an instant, and you can even use the advance technique of 'eyes-open' hypnosis and then study, work or take a class while in a hypnotic state. All your subconscious abilities are right there with you.  It doesn't get any better than that!

The process is usually learned in a couple of sessions. We include it in many of our other programs. Once learned, you need to use the skill regularly in order to keep it strong, as with most other things.

I offer you probably the most informative, yet simplest, self hypnosis tuition available. You can be fully competent in using the art and science of self hypnosis, enabling you to hypnotize yourself INSTANTLY, ANYWHERE. You'll learn how your mind works and how to control it. Your amazing subconscious power, creativity and potential will be at your beck and call. This is fascinating stuff!

                 If any of this sounds good, give me a call!  512.988.1066

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Tips for our Self Hypnosis Students

Self Hypnosis is extremely fast and effective compared to alternatives, but it can still take time to change. Years of unwanted behavior can be changed in days or weeks, but it is rare for the changes to occur overnight. The effects of self-hypnosis are accumulative. As with all self improvement, progress generally has ups and downs - with the general trend being upwards. Some days are better and easier than others. This is a necessary and natural part of changing.

Some resistance from your subconscious is also natural. It doesn't want to change. If it did you wouldn't need self hypnosis in the first place. It is a sign that your subconscious is responding to the hypnosis, and it will soon pass. If you are practicing regularly then positive changes are taking place even if you are not consciously aware of them yet. The mind works in mysterious and individual ways, and it cannot be predicted exactly how it will respond at each stage. However, long-term results can be predicted - and this is where your attention should be focused. So be persistant and stick with it. You'll be successful very soon.
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