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TVs Dateline Proves the Benefits of Hypnosis

Thanks to TV, millions of people have now seen the amazing benefits of hypnosis compared to other popular weight loss methods.

In April 2003, "Dateline" introduced six members of the class of '78 at Quincy High in Massachusetts, looking to lose weight for their 25th reunion in the fall of 2003.

This series was an incredible testimony to the benefits of hypnosis.
The Hypnotist, Tom Nicoli, had possibly the hardest case a pastry chef with cravings, and a difficult schedule. Dr. Nicoli is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest hypnotism organization in the world. Its certification is the most widely recognized credential for the professional practice of the hypnotic arts. Be Hyp follows the same guidelines and standards as laid down by the Guild.

Hypnosis leads to a more natural lifestyle change conducive to weight loss, and without all the common blocks and traps that most people encounter. Without the feeling of a natural lifestyle change almost everyone who has tried to lose weight knows that the old behaviors tend to return. This means the weight comes right back, often worse than before.

The other participants only had success after extensive intervention and having their programs tweaked significantly from the norm in order to be effective. They needed additional help that is just not readily available for most people, and would be prohibitively expensive for the vast majority. Also, the hypnosis was the only solution that could be deemed a normal, healthy lifestyle.

It is also interesting to note that a hypnotist could have addressed the problems the other participants were having with their motivation, attitude and willpower.

Let's look a little closer at the participants:

Mark Giordani - Slimfast

After a few weeks he was complaining of hunger all the time. And nothing seemed to satisfy him. "I went back to the attitude where I'm hungry, I'm going to eat and I don't really care."
Even though he had expert intervention that is not available to most people, he couldn't wait for the diet challenge to end. I'm going to IHOP tomorrow, and I'm getting the whole left side of the menu.

Obviously, if it needs expert intervention, it's not likely to work "out of the box". Also, a lot of specialized food has to be bought. Hardly a recipe for success if you attempt to live life normally.

Rick Burnes - Atkins

After a couple of weeks, he had headaches and a terrible case of constipation. Rick developed a painful case of gout, a condition he'd had before, that he suspected was a result of the diet.

Dateline put Rick in touch with a top Atkins researcher who recommended that he slow down his weight loss. And Atkins fine-tuned his diet by sending him "Atkins at home" meals. Combined with medication from his doctor, soon enough the gout went away.

He took a break and started gaining weight almost immediately. By the end of the football season he'd put on 24 pounds.

So, could this plan be called a lifestyle? Definitely not. Expert intervention was needed again, along with expensive specialized food

Eleanor Talbot - Jorge Cruise / 8 minute

After having problems, Dateline had to arrange a weekend retreat to help Eleanor. She needed intervention from the programs founder. Later, she had to go back for even more support in dealing with emotional issues. This support is not readily available for most people.

Again, she needed constant, expensive personal support. Also note that a good hypnotist will also deal with these issues, and without the need for dependency.

Kathy Wynters - Weight Watchers

Kathy refused to weigh in, but after the diet challenge, she took a break, and she gave herself some long awaited treats. "The desserts and the chocolates. I had them, I wanted them and I had them." And she began putting on weight. She quickly returned to Weight Watchers and turned things around, but then started to gain weight again.

It was significant that this woman had tried this program before. The fact that she was even more overweight when she started the program this time was a perfect indicator that the program had not produced any serious change in her lifestyle or metabolism. Also, expert 'supervision' was required again. Can you guess what happens after the supervision stops?

Lynn Frank - Marathon training

To make sure it was safe for her to train for a marathon, Jeff Staub, one of the premier endurance trainers in Boston, evaluated Lynn and oversaw her training. He gave her a schedule of aerobic exercise, strength training and running. And Lynn put herself on a diet, 1300 calories a day.

Progress was unsatisfactory. So Lynn received expert intervention from nutritionist and exercise physiologist Felicia Stoler. But after five months of heavy exercise, the running had become sheer torture. And then an apparent catastrophe --a knee injury.

She lost weight, but with injury, and also needed a lot of coaching. This coaching can hardly be considered a lifestyle

Marc Merlis - Hypnosis

This was possibly the hardest case - a pastry chef with cravings, and a difficult schedule. Two months in, the man who originally couldn't get into his varsity jacket, now can't be held back. Marc was steadily working with a fitness trainer and he was religiously listening to his hypnosis tapes. After three months under hypnosis he had lost the most so far, a staggering 40 pounds.

That's when his wife got in on the action. She went to the hypnotist to quit smoking. And guess what? Smoke free, and fat free.

Five months in, for the Merlis's things couldn't be better. And at their son's bar mitzvah this May, lifting Marc was a piece of cake.

When Marc decided not to use the lifestyle tools he had been given he had blown off exercise and stopped listening to his tapes before the hypnosis had been fully programmed into his mind. There was only one thing left to do: go back to the hypnotist, who had a lot to say. After a 10 minute tune-up, presto, Marc was back at the gym, listening to tapes and eating healthy again. This highlights the importance of cooperation with the hypnotist until the process is complete.

The fascinating part is that Marc, using hypnosis, did not suffer. He was happy. He felt good and it happened naturally. Not to mention other positive benefits and feelings, AND he established a true and realistic lifestyle.

In summary, losing weight successfully is not about dieting, but rather a sensible lifestyle that can be readily accepted. Hypnosis facilitates this admirably. It is not a quick-fix, but a solution aimed at lasting and long-term success. This is our goal at Be Hyp.

If you are interested in the countless studies that have consistently shown the effectiveness of hypnosis, go to our 'download' page and look at the last program.

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