Sports Hypnosis Hypnotherapy photo
LoneStar Sports Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Photo
Lone Star Sports Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Photo
Lone Star Sports Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Photo
LoneStar Sports Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Photo

Sports Hypnosis for Peak Performance

In America we enjoy tremendous sports and training facilities,
but we rarely condition our minds in balance with our bodies.
But with the mind on your side your reflexes are sharper, you
are stronger, more focused and you heal faster. Pressure and
stress are turned into power. Negative blocks and conditioning
are nullified. It needs more than a temporary 'pep-talk' to
achieve this.

Sports performance is not just about physical conditioning. The
emotions must be controlled and focused properly. Whatever the
sporting event we always hear about the pressure, the emotions
and the motivation coming into play. In short, the players that
are in control of these WIN.

                              The ZONE

We all know what it is like to be in the 'zone'. Everything seems
to run smoothly and effortlessly. This is because the subconscious
is not being blocked by negative thoughts and stresses, and it can
assume its proper role. And in this condition it makes us tremendously
efficient. The good news is that hypnosis works directly with the
subconscious and can enable you to be in the ‘zone’ in an instant,
almost like you have a switch.

Also, if you want to use all of your subconscious abilities while you play, or compete, you can be in hypnosis the whole time. We can easily teach you advanced self-hypnosis that you can use instantly, anytime, even during intense physical exercise, or when there is extreme mental pressure. This can give you an extra boost in any situation, and keep you in the performance 'zone'.

I have helped people from most sporting fields, including; boxing, martial arts, wrestling, gymnastics, golf, football, skating, darts, shooting, body building, cycling, baseball, basketball,
                                    tennis, swimming, hockey and more.

                                    With their new, enhanced abilities these people enjoy their activities
                                    more, and win more. They become stronger and fitter. The body
                                    builders can even grow larger muscles! This is not an exaggeration.
                                    The mind can control all the physical processes in the body - including
                                    growth. See our section on Medical Hypnosis for a fuller explanation
                                    of how this process works.

                                    So you can see, when our subconscious becomes our powerful friend
                                    and ally we have tremendous potential - ALL OF US! I hope you now
                                    understand that hypnosis is THE way to get your subconscious mind
                                    working for you.

                                    Acknowledging that you can be better is not a weakness, but a
                                    realization that can free you to have full control over your life.

                                    You have the ability to EASILY improve your abilities, coordination, endurance, attitude - whatever! And it is probably MUCH easier than you think. It doesn't involve rigid military style discipline. It doesn't involve effort and cramming yourself with knowledge. It doesn't involve denial or austerity. However, it does require a commitment.

Another important benefit of hypnotic conditioning is that you can ENJOY your activity more. Replace stress with the quality you enjoyed when you started the sport.

                        THE SECRET OF SUCCESS...

... is allowing your mind and body to work together for maximum
efficiency. Your mind must be controlled and channeled into a
powerful force. It sounds simple enough, but it rarely happens.
We are often taught to be less than we really are, not how to tune
into our natural potential. Our standard training and learning methods
are hopelessly inadequate for most people.

Most people have created limitations and blocks to success in their minds.
We live in 'comfort zones' and rarely try to reach our full potential. It's a sad
waste. None of us are just plain average or ordinary. We are all extra-ordinary.
We all have gifts and talents. But they are all too often hidden in the depths
of our minds, and so are never exploited.

So what we need is to be in full control of our minds. This involves far more
than a ‘pep-talk’, or simple affirmations. The subconscious is that part of our
mind that is ultimately 'in charge', so that's where we need to focus our attention.
It needs re-educating. If you use a method that doesn't deal with it you could be setting yourself up for another failure.

Hypnosis gives us access to our subconscious so that we can easily change its behavior. It doesn't have to be a fight! Those subconscious blocks to better
performance can be easily replaced with positive, constructive

Hypnosis is the safest, fastest and surest (and in my opinion - the
ONLY) method for doing this. Trying to change the subconscious
through conscious will is generally a waste of time and effort.

Imagine being your best, and in the zone, any time you choose.
Why imagine? You can have this power whenever you want
it by simply re-educating your subconscious through our

     If any of this sounds good, give me a call!  512.988.1066

Lone Star Sports Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Photo
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