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Safety First - Don't Mess With Your Mind...

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I'm glad you came to this section. There is a lot of mis-information
regarding hypnosis, and this will help set you straight.

But seriously, don't be concerned with things you have seen in
hypnosis horror movies. In fact, to the best of my knowledge,
there has never been an actual case where hypnosis has directly
harmed someone. Lots of myths, but no facts. The danger is not
in hypnosis itself, but more in unscrupulous business practices.
This includes poorly qualified 'professionals' making false and
unrealistic claims. Naturally, this happens in all professions.
Integrity is not conferred by a degree or certification. The way
to avoid being taken in and wasting your money is to be informed.

You need the truth in order to make an educated decision. Here
is a check-list of some of the things you need to be aware of. All
is explained in more detail in our FAQ section.

                                                   The Quick Fix.

Avoid one or two session quick fixes like the plague! Statistically, you will get
short-term, or no results at all. Don't be ripped off!

Sadly, many hypnotists feel that in order to compete with each other, and other professions, they need to make exaggerated claims. Sometimes we all get instant results, but to portray it as the norm is just plain unethical. A few more sessions are still very fast by any standard.

As you've heard countless times, "If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is."

                                        Poor, or Inadequate Training.

Because there is no state regulation for our profession, there are many poorly trained hypnotists practicing. Many only have a weekend's training! Many certifications are worthless. Ask for details of training. Don't accept a 'brush off' answer.

                                                   State License.

There is no license available, and having a license in any other health field does not mean that there is any hypnosis training at all. Ask about separate hypnosis training. If someone is evasive, be cautious.

                                               Longer Sessions?

Often a waste of time. The human mind has a relatively short useful attention span. Don't be conned into believing that extra long sessions are of any more value. A good hypnotist should conduct a session in a timely, efficient manner. This especially applies if the session is recorded for you to play later.

                                     Hypnotherapy vs. Hypnosis.

In reality, they are the same practice. But hypnotherapy is an incorrect, and misleading description of our profession. It is illegal to practice therapy unless properly licensed. Many hypnotherapists advertise they can help with things they are not licensed to practice. Beware! Your mind is at stake!

                            Television, Stage and Instant Hypnosis.

Don't believe everything you see on TV! TV does a good job of hypnotizing us, though! However, live stage hypnotists, in the main, are excellent professionals. It is a wonderful demonstration, and is rarely faked when live. On TV, I have seen so much fake hypnosis it is embarrassing to our profession.

Instant hypnosis is an advanced and wonderful technique, requiring great skill. Most hypnotists don't have the confidence and skill to use these amazing and beneficial techniques, and unfortunately many of them 'bad-mouth' the techniques.

                                    False Claims, and Lack of Proof.

     People make all kinds of claims that they cannot back up. There should be evidence to back
     up claims. Feedback from clients is a wonderful representation of the effectiveness of a

     If a client is happy with a service they CAN leave a testimonial. Don't be fooled by
      statements of professional confidence as an excuse for not having any testimonials. Our
       clients have been happy enough to write us hundreds of them.

                                                 Just Relaxation?

       Hypnotists might tell you that hypnosis is simply deep relaxation, and with many that's all
       it is! But hypnosis is NOT relaxation. It is so much more, and if you want results may I
      suggest using ACTUAL hypnosis. Hypnosis can be extremely relaxing, but relaxation alone
      will not give you results.

                                                Group Sessions.

Small groups can sometimes be effective, but larger groups almost guarantee failure. Especially the traveling hypnosis 'circuses', enticing people with low priced miracles. Beware of snake-oil peddlers. Do you like throwing away hard earned money?

If there is anything else you wish to know, feel free to call us. Knowledge is power!


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Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Danger photo 1
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