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Here are just a few more samples of what our clients have to
say. You can also come to our office and see our testimonial
books, posters and videos. You see, we don't want you to take
our word as proof of our success. See what other people just
like you have to say.

          Kathy P lost 50 pounds.

          The care I received was great! I love that losing weight has not
          been a struggle this time. I have changed my life-long eating
          habits and I am losing weight at a good pace. I'm so thankful to
          know the changes are permanent. This for me is a miracle!

         Gail Richards lost 93 pounds.

        It has changed my life. I couldn't be happier. I have always been overweight
        but I decided things had got out of hand. I was determined to get slim, so I tried
        diet after diet, plan after plan. I joined the gym. But the weight kept piling back on -
         and worse each time! My self esteem plummeted. I have to say that my life has
         done a real turn around since Andrew McCole's weight loss program, right from the
        first session. I've lost 93 pounds, and this time it was easy. I didn't feel deprived at
       all. I genuinely want to eat the right foods, the right portions. And that's all I want. I
   completely lost my sweet cravings. I still go to the gym, but now I actually enjoy my 
workouts! I have a great figure and I feel wonderful. I have never felt so good about 
myself. I threw out the old rags and got new clothes. I never felt like I was dieting. I just 
started a new, healthy lifestyle. It feels natural. So I know I'll stay this way.

Mary Downs lost 86 pounds.

After years of diets and clinics I had lost hope, but your hypnosis has saved me. I've lost 86 pounds, I look and feel great, and all I want is healthy food! And no more binges! More than this I have complete confidence in me for the first time.

Kit Thompson lost 25 pounds.

The sessions I had with you were exactly what I needed to achieve the right mindset regarding weight loss. Everything has come together and I can honestly say that I am not dieting, I'm eating the right foods and exercising. I am losing the excess pounds and it feels great!!! I could not have done it without you.

Laura Evans lost 60 pounds.

After what seems like a lifetime of painful dieting I feel so relieved and truly happy. You know I have tried countless diets and centers without ant help at all. But your hypnosis has worked miracles on me. There is no struggle. I easily control my eating habits. I've reached my goal and lost 60 pounds. I also lost my sweet tooth. And most of all I truly feel that the fat has gone for good. Hypnosis is truly wonderful, and I am glad I chose you. Some of those others sounded weird to me.

Sharon Holver lost 32 pounds and got rid of headaches.

One of my reactions to stress and unhappiness was to satisfy and comfort myself with food, resulting in a 'yo-yo' weight gain and loss. I also suffered from severe headaches and feelings of anxiety and depression.

Although I approached hypnosis with slight skepticism, much to my delight I felt a difference after the first session and the improvements continued each day. The changes in my attitude, appearance and approach to life are also apparent to my friends and co-workers. I am losing weight, start each day with a positive attitude and a feeling of well being, and have not had a headache for over four weeks now.

(name in confidence) lost 70 pounds.

I have lost nearly seventy pounds now, steadily at about two pounds per week. I really must stress that this is not a regime. It is a natural, effortless better way to live and the weight comes off as a bi-product of living a happier life with more confidence, more motivation and enthusiasm. I knew I had it in me and I owe you a debt of gratitude for helping me release the new and better me. I wanted you to know that I have started dating again. I am getting a lot of attention and it is going to my head. I don't care. It is wonderful! The ego boost has been long overdue!

Adrina Mary lost 20 pounds so far.

I have tried everything to lose weight, including other hypnotists. I've wasted a fortune. I now know that diets don't work. But Andrew McCole's program does. After seeing Andrew McCole I enjoy healthier food. I've lost my addiction for junk food and fast food. I am also more positive and confident. I know I'll reach my goal. What's really special is that Andrew McCole genuinely cares. He gives me the time I need - I'm never rushed. I always feel very supported. The office is comfortable and professional and very easy to get to. The program is affordable and I have a lifetime support guarantee. I get free hypnosis tapes. I highly recommend this program.

Doris Mordle lost 62 pounds.

I am married with two young children. I work part-time and am a full-time mother and house wife.

I lost 62 pounds. I'm now the same weight I was before I had my baby. I feel better about myself. I'm having more fun. I'm a genuinely happier person since attending Andrew McCole's weight loss program.

My children think my weight loss is great. Now they can put their arms around me.

                       Naturally, results do vary from person to person.

                 Names have been edited to respect the privacy of clients.
                           Testimonials can be viewed at the office.

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