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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Proof that it Works

Even More Real Stories From Real People!
        "I Wish that More People Could
      Understand the Power of Hypnosis."

"We are Joane & Wade McFate. We definitely recommend Andrew McCole's Hypnosis.

After coming to my sessions I don't get depressed now and I've had stress and depression my whole life. My wife also solved a lot of her problems. It is very quick and very easy. You start to see results immediately. Others notice the positive changes. I am a much better role model now.

I've been to lots of doctors in the past. It takes forever, and is very expensive. You talk and talk and never get anywhere. A lot of people talk about getting the job done, but doing it is another thing. Andrew McCole is very conscientious and gets the job done. They really want to help you. They are very experienced.

Andrew McCole's methods are so positive and uplifting. He has an insight & understanding of individual problems that seems to help conquer and overcome them.

This is not expensive. It is a very good investment.And you don't have to worry about your problems coming back. I wish I'd known about this years ago!"
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy at Lone Star Weight Loss Client Photo

          "My Confidence and Motivation
            have Increased Considerably."

       "Hi. I am Patricia Kinball. I am a financial advisor.

I had a phobia in my professional life: a bad fear of 'cold calling'
to find new clients. Since I work on commission this was
causing me to lose a lot of money. I would just make excuses
to avoid making calls because of my fear.

I was referred to Andrew McCole's Hypnosis by a friend of
mine. My success here has been excellent, and I have already
recommended them to other people. I am in control now.

I notice my self-esteem has increased. My confidence has
increased considerably. I have also been motivated to quit
smoking and start a workout routine at a gym.

Professionally, I have done more business this month than ever before! I am motivated to make the calls, and am no longer afraid. I am having fun with it now!"
Naturally, results do vary from person to person.

Names may have been edited to respect the privacy of clients.
Testimonials can be viewed at the office.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy at Lone Star Weight Loss Client Photo
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy at Lone Star Weight Loss Client Photo
                        "Hypnosis Helped me Lose
                         Weight, and I've Kept it
                         Off for Two Years Now."

                                                                  "My name is Haydeh Pami. I am 42. I am
                                                                   a mother and work full time as a scientist

                                                               I was very skeptical of hypnosis, but came to the
                                                               hypnosis screening because I had tried everything else, including hiring personal trainers, and nothing had worked. I lost 30 pounds and am as happy as can be. This is the first time I have been able to keep it off. I have kept it off for two
years now!

My ability to control my eating has changed. My eating habits have changed. I am in control and it feels good.

Everyone noticed the weight loss and complimented me. People noticed I was wearing size 8 pants! I notice it everyday it is great. Mostly what felt good was people noticing my accomplishment.

I give hypnosis 100% credit for my success. It gave me the 'kick' that I needed so that I did what I had to do. Everything fell into place. It was a great investment."

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy at Lone Star Weight Loss Client Photo
          "I Quit Smoking 50 a Day!"

"I have a whole new lease on life. The money I
am saving is amazing. All my friends are amazed.

As a smoker of 50 a day for over 40 years I didn't
believe that I could quit. I had tried everything the
gum, plastic cigarettes and nicotine patches. They
all failed.

With all my past failures I was skeptical of hypnosis.
But after the initial hypnosis screening Andrew McCole
really opened my eyes that there was a very real
possibility that this would work. I'm so happy I took
advantage of the quit smoking program.

Thanks to you and your talents I don't even think of
smoking anymore. I never got any withdrawal symptoms. What's most amazing is that even when I'm around other smokers it doesn't bother me at all.

It is great that this time I have not gained any weight. When I tried to quit before I stuffed myself and gained a lot of unwanted pounds. With your hypnosis I haven't gained an ounce.
It's hard to believe how easy it was! You do great work."

                                                                                                 Ron Nicholas

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy at Lone Star Weight Loss Client Photo
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy at Lone Star Weight Loss Client Photo
                       "I Quit Smoking 20 a Day
                             After 20 Years."

                                                                  "I am Tom Hong. I am the president of a
                                                                   computer consulting firm

                                                                I had smoked about 20 a day for 20 years. I never
                                                                thought that I'd be able to quit the smoking

                                                                However, my success at quitting with Andrew
                                                                McCole's Hypnosis has been excellent. It is wonderful to be in control. I am no longer dependent on cigarettes. I now have freedom.

It is an unbelievable and very positive experience. Other people are very impressed with my success.

It has been a very pleasant experience. Andrew is a very dedicated professional who really wants to work with you to ensure that you achieve your goal."

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