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Quit Smoking Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Client Photo
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Out of all the people who try to quit on their own only 3% are
successful.Many folks believe because they failed at quitting
before they will only fail again. You may think, “It worked for
someone else, but it won't work for me.”  With our hypnosis,
nothing could be further from the truth. Most of our clients have
tried every imaginable method before coming to our program.
They all started where you are today. They recognized as I hope
you will, that their addiction was more mental than physical.
This is why the patches and pills and other gimmicks have such
a terrible success rate.

Take the case of Mike Morelli, who finally used the right approach
to kick his 20 a day habit. He explains: "I have smoked since I
was a teenager and every time I tried to quit I felt sick and got
irritable. I used those patches and still smoked. They made me
sick. They are useless. But now I don't even think of smoking
thanks to your help. Your hypnosis has changed my life and I
am sure it will be a longer one."

               The secret behind this powerful system is that we are removing
              the smoking habit from the source – the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.
            To cut a long story short - your subconscious is that part of you
          that is ultimately in charge of your behavior. The subconscious is
          irrational and it actually believes you need to smoke! It is simply
          doing what it has been told to. And it will do anything in its power
          to support this false notion. Like when you smoke without even thinking about it -
          talking on the phone, when stressed out, or with a coffee. Your subconscious can also 
          create and exaggerate all kinds of withdrawal symptoms. It tricks you as soon as you let
          your guard down. I know you've experienced this. The subconscious is persistent - it
          doesn't even sleep!

          Remember, no matter how much sense it makes to quit, your subconscious mind   
          Admitting this is not a weakness, but a realization that frees you to have full control of
          your life. The subconscious is in charge of your behavior, so if you use a method
          that doesn't deal with it you could be setting yourself up for another failure
          Hypnosis is THE way to change your subconscious behavior, and I believe the ONLY
          way. Makes sense, doesn't it? Of course it does.

               Be Hyp versus Nicotine Patches and Zyban

          Many of our clients have previously tried alternatives to quitting smoking. Our testimonial
          books and videos show many of our successful clients who failed to quit with the
          patches, gum and Zyban. Many of them suffered side effects with these methods.

      The overall success of these medical methods seems to be ridiculously low. The reason is
     simple. These measures do nothing to address the underlying reasons for smoking.
    Smoking becomes a subconscious behavior pattern. The subconscious controls our behavior.
  If you do not change the subconscious behavior patterns the habit is still there, and the subconscious will continue fighting to support its habits. Patches and pills do NOT change the subconscious. The only way to change the subconscious directly is with the proper use of hypnosis.

                         Nicotine substitutes make as much sense as giving an alcohol patch to an
                         alcoholic. I have also known people get very sick using the patches, due to too
                         much nicotine (which is very poisonous). Anyway, the makers of Nicoderm and
                         Habitrol say that additional support can double the quit rate.

                         Zyban has apparently helped to alleviate some of the cravings and withdrawal
                         after quitting smoking for a small group of people. If this is true, no one knows
                         why this happens. It is simply a coincidence. Zyban was originally meant to
                         help treat depression.

                         Based on information obtained from Glaxo-Wellcome, the best success for
                         Zyban, in the highest dose, is 19% after 26 weeks. This is only 8% higher than
                         placebo, which means it works for about 8 out of 100 people after a 'sugar pill'.
                         There is no mention of what happens after 26 weeks, or any mention of
                         withdrawal symptoms suffered. Another study shows that Zyban is marginally
                         more successful than nicotine patches.

                         If these figures impress you, then READ THEM AGAIN! I would personally be
                         embarrassed to publish results like these! This could arguably be called an
                         80% to 90% failure rate. Not great odds, and as with all medications there are
                         risks involved. The list of possible side effects and contraindications for Zyban
                         from Glaxo-Wellcome is many pages long. Also, when the medications are
                         discontinued the subconscious habits can rear their ugly heads again.

                         At Be Hyp, our in office follow-up for 6 to 12 months with clients we could stay
                         in touch with shows a success of at least 85%. Approximately 5% had started
                         smoking again after 6 months to 1 year (although smoking significantly less). Zyban's rate for restarting smoking was more than double that in just 5 weeks! General consensus shows low to no withdrawal with nearly all our clients. Weight gain due to eating more after quitting is very rare. Clients report that they are more relaxed and happy generally. Don't take our word for it – come and see what our clients have to say. Our results speak for us.

One other important point is that we offer free ongoing support for many of our programs. In other words, if we don't get it right we don't get paid for our continuing services. You will not find any of the drug companies showing this kind of confidence! Details are available at our office.

The above figures are all verifiable. This is just a quick report to highlight the facts about methods that mislead people with extensive advertising campaigns. If you have any doubts, I encourage you to do further research. Cigarettes have already cost you a fortune. Make sure you don't waste any more money.

                                      So What's Next?

It's simple. If you are serious about quitting, and want to end the failure cycle, then call us for a FREE, no obligation, no pressure, Hypnosis Screening. Then breathe a sigh of relief and prepare for success!

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Why This System Works Where Others Fail
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Quit Smoking Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

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